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Vitamin D3 May Help Me With Dream Memory Retention.

 I probably dream more often than I remember the content of the dream after waking up.  One is supposed to keep a notepad by the bed so as to start writing down what one remembers as soon as one wakes up.  That never worked for me.  Then I took a couple of my D3 vitamin pills before bedtime and that night or morning I vividly remembered much of the content of the dream.  That was the first time I noticed and then i started doing that more often to see if I was correct and the Vitamin D3 gell caps had something to with my increasingly vivid memories of my dreams.  

I know how to interpret dreams especially my own but remembering them so well was something new.  When I did not remember dreams too well my waking mind will fill in blanks instead of having a kind of movie quality to the dream memory.  Of course, i can't prove any of this.  I am not running my own self sleep lab but you can help me.  If you are taking vitamin d3 take your pills before you sleep and if you start having vivid memories of your dreams get back to me by commenting on this article. 

The thing about the dreams once they have a vivid memory is the parts I don't want to remember and the surrealism is quite exciting.  In one recent dream, I kicked a boulder that was skin and flesh even though it had attributes of basalt.  In the same dream, I  visited this infinite orgy in a prudish neighbor's basement with her and had to resist the temptation to join in.  Other dreams were just as memorable.  I think I used to remember dream content like this a lot more when I was a lot younger.  Right now I a vitamin D3  Dream Believer.  Again if you take Vitamin D3 dry taking it at bedtime or just before and see if you remember your dream content more vividly.....


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